I’m convinced about 3 things:

1)That prevention is better than cure.
2) That emotional balance is the key to a good, easy, calm & healthy life.
3) That health in mind, body and soul is real and it impacts the way your body functions.

“The doctor who heals with words” or “The doctor who wants you to stop going to the doctor.”
Either way, I’m here to help.


“She was looking at my body as a whole – not simply treating the pain. Within 3 weeks or so, the pains had reduced significantly, and now, something under 5 months later, I barely have any at all. Can never thank her enough!” – Linda Wainwright | Freelance Writer – Canary Islands, Spain

“I was in one of the most crucial stages of my life – in search of something very important: myself! Mariana taught me to live day by day, recalled the importance of loving me as I am and my value as a human being. Health is mind, body and soul!” – Diana Morales | Self-employed – Miami, FL, U.S.A

“I took Mariana’s stress management course and her  lessons made me realise how the issue went deeper and how I needed to dig it out. I understood that mindset is everything.The course is extremely fun, easy and entertaining. Mariana absolutely respects your time and pace as you go. Can’t recommend her enough!” – Karla Barquero | BATCA – San Jose, Costa Rica

“The first step of mystery & uncertainty disappear as soon as you connect with Mariana, turning into a sense of trust, care and desire to connect with the cause of your discomfort, not only to alleviate my symptoms. Not only she solved my health problems but also allowed me to establish habits that have helped me beyond.” – Jaume Marin | Costa Brava i Pirineus Tourism Board – Catalonia, Spain

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