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Wait, what? Yes, taboos.

I’ve talking about my most recent ventures in life: new business-owner, new home, my writing, my deep thoughts. New life, basically.

I’ve been supported for the last 6 weeks by an incredible group of business women and coaches that have helped me move forward in unimagined ways. I’ve shed and healed layers I didn’t know I had in me. I’m starting to realise how much power we all have within by just the mere fact of truly loving, accepting ourselves inside and out, putting our superpowers out there in the world and letting yourself ride that wave. And also how good we can have it if we choose to.

I’ve also been teaching healthy stuff (which I’ll keep doing). I’ve been talking about stress, healthy habits and more recently, about taboos.

Taboos are one big, fat, thick root of health.

All that is within each one of us and that we fear to talk so many times because of fear of judgement and more. It’s dense, yes, and also essential and important. It’s been a big topic inside me screaming to come out and I kept hiding it, not knowing how to do it.

Well, turns out I can just speak about them and start the conversation…because why not!

I didn’t know exactly how to talk taboos as a doctor while doing the professional thing (hi, society’s rules), but this week it hit me:

I can and want embrace the «weirdness» (awesomeness) in me.

The cute, weird, tiny lady, writer and doctor who speaks up, thinks out loud and does all sorts of things to help humanity move forward, bits by bits, day after day, thought after thought.

I understood that I am many things, and the ones I love the most are way too important. I’m embracing them all fearlessly, finding the way to be them all and make something damn good of them and for the world.

That’s why I’m sharing all these things here recently. I like social media and this online world, you see, and I like sharing things and reaching people, because I do it all the time and it’s wonderful – even magical – when we talk and people reply in great brainy conversations. LOVE it. Can’t imagine myself living in a time where speaking such topics with so much reach was impossible or forbidden.

I am a new Mariana. So different from the one a year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago.

I have a superpower, like we all do. I just chose to step up one more time, grab this virtual mic and start speaking.

Hope you want to join me and enjoy the ride! It’s getting more and more real: this taboo-n-health lady is about to get into even deeper and awesome sh*t.

This is what a good life means to me. It’s a philosophy, a mindset, a lifestyle to simply live to our best potential. Which is why I decided to create something big and great for you, a whole new universe of awesome:


Everyone’s welcome! It’s too important to ignore.

Please feel free to come in, have a read, share it with people you love and spread the word!

Much love, Dr. Mariana

Mariana Sig

fuck stress course

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Dr. Mariana Calleja

Mariana Calleja is a doctor, writer and entrepreneur. Teaching people healthy habits that stick, and how to manage stress to live a better, healthier, calmer life. Pain management specialist, with a deep story of her own on learning how to heal a personal sexual pain, that would allow her embrace and live a true, meaningful life. (More on the blog.)

Mariana is an absolute advocate of communication, relationships, tackling taboos and digging inner fears for better living. Health is a whole. Mindset, awareness and communication are the key to a good, calm, healthy life.

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