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I’ve recently realised I miss writing like I used to do in my travel site.

This travel site has been my baby, my first love, my fuel, my reason, my everything. It has been the one project since 2009 constantly pushing my dreams into the next level each time, making me want to dream always on the next thing. That attitude hasn’t changed but I certainly haven’t been writing and since words are my life, I’ve clearly been putting a good part of my life aside.

I began my most entrepreneurial journey two years ago with this website, when I officially took a leap (literally!) into health coaching and online education towards prevention and health awareness for a major audience. In the process of growing and learning as a business owner since 2015, I’ve found myself focusing on numbers, income, products, proposals, selling and beyond – way more than I’ve ever knew or done.

I’m still building up and zero ashamed to share. Precisely because I’ve realised lately how much I miss my writing. Between planning my first two books finally for real and deciding to level up and take things more seriously, I’m deciding to wake up my health blog with a regular weekly post that won’t talk about products, courses or programs only but more about the journey of health and life itself.

In this process during the last two years, I’ve been able to do international public speaking, run workshops, be interviewed on different radio shows in different countries, be part of two different collaborative books and to be a guest in podcasts ranging from travel health topics to digital nomad life, entrepreneurship and health coaching for general audiences, not to mention the opportunities to do corporate wellness coaching which to me is huge – imagine being able to reach people in places where the most issues arise and the least education is being given?  It’s been an amazing ride already and it’s been just the start!

I want to speak up and share my brains, my thoughts, my feelings. Yes, I’m deep thinker most people say – and I’m absolutely flattered by it. Because there’s no other way I’d like to do things, share life or do my medical practice but by being deeply authentic and transparent as I can.

I’m done with writing content that is trying to sell without heart.

Or looking for readers’ emails without a big purposeful reason behind it. Yes, I am a doctor doing health and wellness online coaching, building email courses, working on my first book to be published, finding my spot in the business world after a lifetime struggle of not enjoying my place in the system. Yes, I’ll have clients, customers, readers and more, but I’m determined to give you all a deep, meaningful reason to be here with me.

I’ve decided to wake up this blog by simply sharing my journey, my lessons, my personal and professional experience, my thoughts and all that I am. After all, these businesses are truly who we are, not just a window business. What we do as doctors, health coaches and more is a movement, a lifestyle and a mindset.

I know I try to improve my life daily while living by it. Living by what I teach, learning and sharing as I go. It’s been a real struggle and that’s the lesson to be shared. Because “We’re all peers in this human experience“, as my business coach repeatedly says.

I’m a doctor, yet I’m not only my title.

And I truly love to live by this life principle. Same for you and for everyone else around us.

I’m going to start sharing my usual deep thoughts, feelings and lessons as I know best, to help you start shifting into living your best life and gaining control of your health. Health is not only a thing of the body, but also of the mind and the emotions. And it is my biggest aim to help you become aware of this so you can start simply feeling good on daily basis.

This is why I’ve created Feel Good – it’s the most essential life philosophy and lifestyle. Don’t you agree? If you’re still here with me then I know you believe in this. And I’m deeply glad and grateful for it, for you.

This is it from me for now! I’ll be coming weekly to the blog with all sorts of things, ideas, experiences, lessons and advice to prompt you into shifting the way you feel about yourself and the way you live. It’s massively important and essential. Don’t forget that.

Have a lovely weekend and talk to you next week!

Much love,
Dr. Mariana

For more, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I love sharing transparently and full of value. You can also join my free and private FB community: The Feel Good Laba place where we experiment on ourselves as you learn how to be in control of your health in mind and body, all while guided by a real doctor.

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Dr. Mariana Calleja

Mariana Calleja is a doctor, writer and entrepreneur. Teaching people healthy habits that stick, and how to manage stress to live a better, healthier, calmer life. Pain management specialist, with a deep story of her own on learning how to heal a personal sexual pain, that would allow her embrace and live a true, meaningful life. (More on the blog.)

Mariana is an absolute advocate of communication, relationships, tackling taboos and digging inner fears for better living. Health is a whole. Mindset, awareness and communication are the key to a good, calm, healthy life.

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