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Something designed to really make a difference.

Everything I’ve been doing so far? I’m turning it up to 11 – and I want you to come with me.

I’ve been working in the field of medicine since 2000, and a fully practising doctor for over a decade now (amazing how time goes by!). During all this time I’ve worked in public institutions and private healthcare centres in a number of different countries.

I’ve seen people coming to me, out of their minds with worry, seeking relief from physical and emotional pain that just doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how good their medical advice is. Sometimes it’s been because their problems run deep, and they need more help. In those cases, that’s exactly what long-term healthcare is for.

But other times, I’ve been in the position of giving exactly the same long-term health advice as before. They returned to me with exactly the same problem, because they hadn’t followed my advice. In fact, they found they couldn’t follow my advice. They didn’t know where to start. As soon as they left my office, the whole plan of action fell apart.

And so here they were again – with an added burden of guilt.

If you’ve ever felt guilty when you went to the doc, you know what I’m talking about. You knew you had to follow a healthier course of action, but life got in the way, as life has a habit of doing. Before you knew it, a month passed and your virtuous, health-bolstering course of action that you promised your doctor you’d faithfully follow until you were feeling better…um, well, that proved a lot harder than expected. And now, a terrible sense of gloomy failure hangs over you as you ring for another appointment.

Millions of people feel like this every year. And it’s not their fault. It’s also not the doctor’s fault. They gave you excellent advice, to the best of their ability. They did their job, and you walked away with the medical advice you need to protect your longterm health and life a happy, fulfilled life.

Except that advice didn’t get used – because you weren’t taught how to use it.

Sticking to healthy habits doesn’t come naturally. It’s June. How many of your New Year’s Resolutions are you still following? How about last year’s? Or maybe you’ve stopped making them, because they always make you feel bad about yourself?

Healthy habits are two things:

  1. Healthy” – the thing you’re trying to accomplish, the advice given to you by professionals – the thing that would make you feel awesome if only you knew how to keep doing it.
  2. Habit” – the way you can keep doing it.

Every time I treated a patient who knew what to do but didn’t have the correct mental tools for actually making it happen, I knew there was a problem that wasn’t being tackled.

We go to the doctor to be told what to do – but we’re not told how to keep doing it.

It turns out there’s a massive difference between 1) giving advice, and 2) showing how to follow advice. Hardly anyone teaches how to follow advice, and I don’t know any doctors teaching how the two work together.

So, I’m becoming that doctor, as of now.

I recently launched a new online 1-month course, delivered by e-mail. It’s designed to teach you the essential healthy habits we all need to beat stress, stay healthy and prevent those stressful, worrying trips to the doctor for all those 21st-Century lifestyle ailments that we should never have to suffer from. Read more.

And it’s also going to teach you exactly how to stick to all of your good intentions, and how to effectively form a habit in the first place. It’s not just going to tackle stress – it’s going to give guilt a good kicking as well.

I’m utterly excited about this because I believe it’s a game-changer. It’s exactly what I wish I’d had available to teach my patients, all those years ago. I really think it would have made a big difference in their lives.

So – are you in?

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Love, Dr. Mariana

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