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The SHP is a project in which I will be researching and talking (and hopefully start breaking, even if a bit) about taboos on our society. I’m developing a project on scientific and social research that will bring stories, both on personal experiences (like this one) related to medical and travel expertise, combined with wanderings of the mind as I cover these topics of daily life via interviews, observation, notes, referrals and extended research.

I want to talk about topics that are commonly considered as a taboo or topics that people are simply afraid of talking about. Because we need to talk about these more and more. I’ve understood that we learn how to live this life through speaking. Every conversation we have makes us understand some more about ourselves, and will always help others too. So, yes, talking is the best exercise for the soul ever. Let’s get started!

In few words, I will be talking about:


Both from men’s and women’s perspective. Sexual pain on personal experience, other sexual disorders and also the healthy side of a good sex life. But mostly, on how much we need to talk more about it.


The beauty of observation and the daily practice of keeping relationships with the world.

Communication & Emotions

Not just partners but family, friends, colleagues and more. How we fail and succeed to communicate our feelings and the basic importance of doing so.

Growing Old & Common Issues

Loneliness, chronic pain, depression, dementia. My 5-year experience working with elderly people has allowed me to grow on this topic. It has touched me and made me think deeply.


Why is it so difficult to talk about it? As we accept things or phases in life, we learn to live and love better. Death is a big deal, reason why it needs to be a topic on the table of life.

Self-Knowledge, Love and Awareness

On how we need to come to know, understand and love ourselves in the first place before being able to find a world full of sense and happiness with others. Perfection in our own way.

Sugar: Sweet & Evil Delight

A topic I’m quite passionate about and one that’s everywhere. Because we all love sugar and we don’t want to cut it (not me at least). Because it is everywhere and most people are not aware. Because sugar is making us obese, diabetic, depressed, sleepless, tired and with heart risk. Yes, sugar is a major concern and we need to learn how to consume it the smart way. 

I hope you find this useful, lovely and most of all, educational for your own life experience and thinking. We all need to talk more about our experiences. I’ve learned after deciding to do so, how many people have listened carefully right away, feeling completely compelled by my stories, wishing they could have found people to talk about their own issues before.

My say? It’s never too late.

It’s true that there are topics we wouldn’t talk with just anyone. It’s natural. But we can certainly pick the people we trust on certain matters in order to talk about them they way we need to, out from our chest and mind and into the world.

One of the healthiest practices I’ve come to in my own life. That’s what the smart health talk means to me. Want to join me?

Let’s start fearing less.

Let’s talk more about what really matters.


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