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Nepal and surroundings just suffered one of the scariest and strongest earthquakes in the last 80 years.

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I grew up in a country where earthquakes have shaken my entire life and it’s terrifying. You never get used to them, you know they’re coming but you never know when will it happen. It’s confusingly scary, nerve-wracking and heart-breaking.

Which is why I made this post while feeling the urge to help, if not physically, at least virtually. I will be constantly updating this post as new info comes in.

It’s becoming clearer as hours pass by that the effects of the Nepal earthquake are quite destructive and saddening. And this will only grow within the next days.

Health is a difficult and complex issue to keep under these circumstances.

Water, food, clothing, medications and more will be highly required. It’s very difficult to tell what exactly or how much. The best we can do is support the official NGOs and world health organisations in order to acquire and distribute every supply needed. Let’s give them our hand.

I understand that not just any organisation online can be trusted in order to help and donate. That’s why I researched and came up with this list. I hope you find it useful and spread the word.

This is how we can help the victims from this massive earthquake in Nepal.

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Donate Money

Reputable and legit organisations as confirmed through official sources are listed here. Please feel free to donate and help in the distance.

Oxfam America

Oxfam UK


Save the Children

World Vision

Samaritan’s Purse

Unicef Nepal

Global Giving

Facebook & International Medical Corps Alliance: Donate here and Facebook will match your donation.

Paypal (supporting all charitable organisations mentioned above as confirmed on Gizmodo).

Donate Blood and Medical Aid

Doctors Without Borders

International Medical Corps

Donate Water and Food

Unicef Water Kits: one emergency water kit can provide drinkable water for 5 families.

UN World Food Program

Help Find Missing People and Routes

Google Person Finder

Restoring Family Links

Facebook Safety Check

Mapping Relief Routes (You can do this from your computer at home. Via Humanitarian Open Street Map. Tutorial here).


Crisis Signal App: Designed to collect realtime data on cellular and Wi-Fi coverage during and after emergency situations. (Just Android for now).

Skype Opens Free Calls to Nepal

Viber Opens Free Calls to Nepal. Here’s how: (don’t miss the + symbol!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 17.00.19


Travel Community Gets Involved: Donate

*These are trusted companies from colleague travellers and writers. 

The Intrepid Foundation

Planeterra Foundation


G Adventures

What Not To Do

There are many things that could trick us into donating to the wrong charities or organisations. Or we could also try being of help by collecting actual goods such as food and clothing, or we would love to take the next flight down to the affected area. Sadly, sometimes these efforts are not as good as we think because of the logistics and beyond.

The Guardian explains what to avoid when trying to help after the disaster.

  • Don’t rush to Nepal. The only airport must be available for goods and professional help coming in.
  • Don’t donate stuff.
  • Donate money.
  • Consider the short-term needs vs. long-term needs.
  • Remember it’s not about you or the love for a place.
  • Skilled volunteers are the ones who need to be there.

It’s better to donate the money so the experts can do what they know in order to obtain the required goods. It takes time, hours and efforts to come to the understanding of how much water and food, what kind of clothing and medications are needed in a disaster area.

Read more on this matter here:

Common Mistakes When Donating to a Disaster Relief

What can be learned from the Haiti disaster five years ago

Stay Updated with Live Reports

On Twitter via the hashtag #NepalEarthquake

The Guardian Live Update

BBC News Nepal

BBC Nepali Radio

Telegraph Live Update 

Aljazeera Live Update

Emergency Helpline Numbers in Nepal (via IBN Live)

Police Control: 100

Police emergency number : 4228435/4226853

Metropolitan police range (Kathmandu) : +977 4261945/ +977 4261790

Metropolitan police range (Lalitpur) : +977 5521207

Metropolitan police range (Bhaktapur) : +977 6614821

Paropkar Ambulance service: +977 4260859

Lalitpur Red Cross ambulance service: +977 5545666

Bishal Bazaar Ambulance service: +977 4244121

Red cross ambulance service: +977 4228094

A control room has also been set up in Ministry of External Affairs to provide all help and information round the clock.

The numbers to the 24-hour Control Room are +91 11 2301 2113, +91 11 2301 4104 and +91 11 2301 7905.

Please, let’s share this information and donate.

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Image Credits: Google Images, CNN, BBC News and Aljazeera.
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