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mini sessionsImportant Health Care Note

Hi! I’m Mariana Calleja MD, thanks for visiting my medical practice here.

I’m a doctor, pain management specialist and deep communication advocate to healing and moving forward with life. I absolutely believe health is a whole of both the mind and the body. Any imbalances in one or the other will always bring diverse health issues.
I’m offering 30-min sessions as an effective way to help you uncover a specific health concern you might have. These can be for you, for relatives or can be given as a lovely health gift to anyone you know and care about. Giving the gift of health really means caring.


1. Are you concerned about your health, feeling trapped in your own body?
2. Are you tired of not having the energy you need & confused on why this is happening?
3. Are you struggling to cope with a chronic condition despite all medical guidance?
4. Are you struggling with a relative’s chronic condition, not knowing how to be of help or support?
5. Do you have a relative in elderly age and you’re not sure how to cope, understand and manage through their ageing process?
6. Do you struggle with sexual pain issues (like I did) and it’s affecting your meaningful relationship?
7. Are you fearful of talking about a deep topic inside you and it’s starting to take a toll on your body?

If any of these resonate with you, then we need to have a little talk.

You must never encounter these processes on your own. You need to talk with someone who can give you the privacy and the confidence to help and give you the right guidance. And that’s what these mini sessions are for. Completely safe, private and confidential.
*Special requests are welcome.
I’d be incredibly grateful if you can share and spread the word.
Sharing health is caring! 🙂

Love, Dr. Mariana

Mariana Calleja MD