The Feel Good Masterplan

Do You Feel Trapped By Your Health?

Does it feel like it’s constantly draining away – and once it’s gone, it’s gone?

Does it feel like a ticking bomb, and you’re just waiting for it to blow up sometime in the too-near future?

Do you feel helpless and negative about your health?

Do You Feel Like You’re Running Out of Time?

  • You’re constantly feeling washed out, and getting sick more and more frequently?
  • Tired of all the things you have to do every day, feeling like 24 hours aren’t enough?
  • Wishing you had the energy and focus you had ten years, five years, even six months ago?
  • Losing control of your ability to deal with minor frustrations and annoyances?
  • Your inability to cope is affecting your most important relationships?
  • Worried that you’re losing ability to enjoy your life?
  • Blaming it all on your age? Or your career? Or your circumstances?

Do You Only Go to the Doctor When Something Is Wrong?

Based on my experience as a practicing MD, I’m guessing the answer is yes.

And this is horrifying, because that’s not actually what doctors are for.

Doctors knows how to turn your health around and make you stronger, healthier and happier – and all they need is time (which sadly they never, ever have).

As a doctor and pain management specialist, I know how good health works.

It’s not something compartmentalized, something with parts you can swap out, like a car.

It’s also not just physical – your emotions can boost or derail your health as much as anything else. You can’t fix your physical health by neglecting your emotional health.

In fact, you can’t neglect anything.

Good health is what happens when you look after every aspect of your wellbeing – and achieve a sense of balance that can sustain you, repair you, and toughen you up for anything life will throw at you.

And that requires something different than a quick visit to the doctor any time you’re feeling under the weather.

– Jaume Marin –
Marketing Director of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board

“I began with Mariana our online medical consultation. The first step of mystery and uncertainty disappears as soon as you connect with her, turning into a sense of trust, care and desire to connect with the cause of the discomfort, not only to alleviate a symptom. My sessions were fruitful and solved my problems. It was a solution in the medium to long term, and all her advice continue to have effect on me. Not only she solved my discomfort, but she allowed me to establish habits that have helped me beyond. This generated a feeling of confidence, which I’ve hardly had before with any other doctor and therapist. I anxiously awaited each time for the hour to connect with Mariana, to relax and improve not only my physical health, but my approach to wellbeing and inner health. Recommended undoubtedly. Essential for the body and soul connection.”

What if this was the year you took control of your health?

Not your doctor. Not anyone else.


Imagine feeling strong, light and clear-headed.

Imagine feeling like yourself again, for the first time in who-knows-when.

Imagine feeling great about your health. About yourself.

I’ve learned extensively about unnecessary suffering, not only as a doctor but in personal experience. I was trained to improve health – but as a busy MD rushing from patient to patient, all I had the time to do was deal with the most pressing health issues. And that’s rarely enough.

As a doctor, I wanted the time to teach health as a whole (because I knew that was the best way to treat individual health problems) – but my busy schedule meant all I had time for was a few quick diagnostic questions.

You can take control – but right now, you need guidance. You need to take time to learn what really works. And you need time with a medical professional that can give you that time.

In fact, do you know what you really need?

You need a comprehensive, detailed programme of training and support from a qualified medical professional that will have the time for you, to teach you everything you need to improve your health, build a new relationship with your body – and find the real You again.

You need a Feel Good Masterplan

“A what?”

An 8-week programme to reboot and optimize your health, specifically tailored to your needs and with the expert guidance of your very own doctor, that will show you how to finally take control of your mind and body, and make it stick – for good.

This programme will teach you to…

  • Feel lighter, clearer, calmer and happier whenever you think about your health
  • Be confident that you’re fully in control of your own health and doing everything you can to maintain it
  • Feel able to detect problems with your wellbeing and take effective, lasting action to deal with them
  • Be clear about what your specific bodily needs are, and that you know exactly how to meet them
  • Be fully aware of what you need to live a good life, day by day
  • Have the ability to make your own health-related plan of action any time you need it
  • Be able to stick to that plan and build powerful long-lasting habits that keep your health on track
  • Achieve awesome clarity and confidence about your health (body and mind)!

Invest In Your Health.
The Feel Good Masterplan’s Value Is:

Your Investment:
$3200 (USD)


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This Is How It Works

Step One – Knowing Your Enemy (And Knowing Yourself)

We’ll dig deep into your specific health needs and issues, mapping them thoroughly so we know what we’re dealing with – and you’ll learn the basic rules of good health and how they affect your body and mind. We’ll also define how mindset and physical wellbeing work together to build health – and we’ll start to put your mind and body to work, so you can learn the techniques and habits that will build unshakeable long-term health.

Step Two – Taking Awesome Action

We’ll uncover the myths and misconceptions about your health and the guilt-fuelled bad habits that have held your health back for too long – and we’ll blast right through them, to find something much, much better. We’ll redefine the limits of what your mind and body are capable of – and building on the work in Month One, we’ll start you on a course of meaningful, lasting change that will never feel like an unwelcome chore. Your self-confidence will never be the same.

Step Three – Building Unbreakable Defences

Changing your health for the better is no good if you can’t maintain that change (in fact, it’s enormously damaging for your self-confidence) so this month we’re going to learn stubborn resilience, that special set of mental tools and tricks that will keep you taking meaningful action week by week. We’ll learn the power of tough, self-correcting healthy habits, we’ll learn how to maintain mindfulness and focus on your health goals – and you’ll ‘graduate’ from this programme with everything you need to Feel Good, stay strong and create amazing, lasting change in your ability to master your body and mind.


Christmas and New Year are coming. You know – those times when your good intentions and healthy habits completely fall apart.

If you struggle to maintain balance during the holiday period, it’s time to change that forever.

If you take this programme now you will be in gear when the festive seasons hits…

And I will be here to coach you through this tricky time of year –  and make sure you come out of it without the guilt or shame of broken promises to yourself.

2017 can be your healthiest, most confident and most guilt-free year EVER – but only if you act NOW.

Each Week During 8 Weeks You Get:

  • 1 private one-to-one 60-min session, with follow-up notes and action plan
  • 1 private one-to-one 20-min follow-up session with follow-up notes
  • Unlimited email support
  • Personalized Health Builder Calendar, built and updated week by week, with accountability plan, challenges and action points
  • Supporting material where required
  • Access to private FB support community “The Feel Good Lab

Mariana Calleja is a doctor, writer and entrepreneur. Teaching people healthy habits that stick, and how to manage stress to live a better, healthier, calmer life. Pain management specialist, with a deep story of her own; also an absolute advocate of communication, relationships, tackling taboos and digging inner fears for better living. Health is a whole. Mindset, awareness and communication are the key to a good, calm, healthy life.

Full Program Summary & Bonuses:

  • 2 months of expert, personal tuition in self-regulated healthcare and building effective healthy habits from a qualified medical professional
  • 8 weekly 60-min sessions with follow-up notes and calls to action
  • 8 weekly 20-min follow-up sessions with follow-up notes
  • Comprehensive, personalised Health Builder Calendar during the entire program
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to private FB support community “The Feel Good Lab


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