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Your online wellness school to learn all that you need to know about your very unique body, mind and personal wellbeing, so that you can simply feel good on daily basis. All of this while being guided by yours truly, Dr. Mariana Calleja.

Wellbeing is a concept that includes not only the body, as it’s the usual practice in western medicine, but also the mind and the soul, a.k.a the emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Yes, your body is not just a fantastic physical machine but an emotional one too. And yes, as a doctor I truly believe, practice and teach all of this.

Why? Because it’s a fact: the body is directly influenced and affected by the emotions (and viceversa), and everything that lives in our minds, whether it’s happy thoughts or stressful thoughts – bad stress and happy stress. Yes! Even happy events can be a source of stress. Take a wedding, for example.

Through this online academy you will learn and understand all that you need to know about the human body, but more than that, about your own body. Because every human being is unique (You-nique), we need to become fully aware of our own health, our own functioning and our own, personal wellbeing.

The Feel Good Academy is now open and available through our YouTube channel, where you’ll find great, little, easy talks on health, wellness, prevention, emotional health, sexuality and more. It’s all ready for you!
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