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What is Feel Good?

It’s a life philosophy. A lifestyle. A mindset.

Is the understanding of the mind and body as a unit, and knowing your own unit as the only way to feel good on daily basis and in the long term.  By taking small actions and doable steps consistently you will be able to change your life into the life that you desire, both in mind and body.

Feel Good is a life-changing health and wellness mindset that has come to shift your world and stay for good.

It’s a life philosophy that I’ve been living and experiencing for quite a while, all which brought me to understand something. Something truly important and essential to life.

After struggling with different aspects of life – social, personal, health and relationships, I came to realise that we all deserve a good life. As simple as this. Sounds easy and obvious but it’s not quite for most human beings, if not all. We live in constant struggles of many kinds, and how human and beautiful it is when we open up, accept and work towards a better sense of wellbeing.

As a doctor, I’ve also encountered endless occasions in which people comes to me feeling bad, in pain, something going wrong, feeling washed out completely and not knowing the reason for this, desperately thinking there’s something really wrong with them, with their bodies. It takes almost no time for me to see what the problem is and how it connects to something deeper.

I’m be the doctor who will show all the great and easy stuff you can do to restore your original state of health and wellbeing.

What’s wrong most of the times is one thing we all know well and yet we struggle to identify it every time: stress  – our modern enemy. Stress over work, finances, family duties, society’s rules, social pressure and so much more.

Yes, stress is sucking our energy levels, our sense of calmness, happiness and finally, our health. Everything that makes you feel constantly washed out will certainly take a toll on your body every time it can.

The human body is an amazing thing, but it has its limits.

And so does the brain, the mind, and the emotions. We all have a limit for the things we don’t want to tolerate anymore after we feel it’s too much. Well, I have good news for you: no need to wait that long!

This is what the Feel Good life is about.

Is a philosophy, a life style, a mindset. Is an act of embracing yourself to live a good life, a life you want and deserve. I life without little pains every day. I’m not just talking about the body of course. Health is a broader term and I want to rescue and bring back the good ol’ times of health. When it was a whole.

We are a whole. Mind and body. Physically and emotionally.

Do we need specialist doctors? Of course we do. We all complement each other.

But how great could it be if we can prevent the most possible? Feeling not just good but great, understanding what makes us feel good individually every day, before even considering having to go to the doctor when things get scary?

How great would it be if you could control the very basics of your body to stay balanced on your daily routine?

We need to go back to basics.

For all these reasons is that I created the Feel Good life project.

Feeling good on daily basis and in the long term is possible. And it depends entirely on us. On the awareness we grow of our own health, body, mind and emotions.

  • Awareness gives us knowledge.
  • Knowledge gives us understanding.
  • Understanding gives us empowerment.

And through awareness is that I will empower you to live a Feel Good life for yourself.

A Feel Good Universe For You!

The Feel Good Lab: the free Facebook group where we make the magic happen. Video lessons, prompts, health boosts, experiences, support, and more are being shared daily by other Feel Gooders and myself. Available both in English and Spanish.

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Online Private Consultations: available to anyone seeking for health clarity, advice, prevention plans or guidance. No physical video explorations are addressed in these consultations. For further examination requirements, please visit your local doctor.

COVID Emotional Support Line: I’ve created an easy, accesible free line for emotional support related to the COVID situation we are all living worldwide. If you or someone you know is struggling to cope, please use and share this free tool. I will personally reply to the messages in due time.
Contact at feelgood.wellnessdodoctor@gmail.com

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“Today I choose to Feel Good!”

All my services are available both in English and Spanish.
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