Feel Good Prompts For You Today
Feel Good Prompts For You Today

Feel Good Prompts For You Today

Talking about healthy habits and a Feel Good life!

Here are 10 things I want to give you. Things for you to choose the one that inspires you the most and accomplish it this week. Just one + plenty of time!

Who’s with me?

1. Go to the nearest park and sit down for 10 minutes, take a few deep breathes and smile to the sky. Yes, even if you’re alone. Smile big and proud.

2. Go for your favourite ice cream. Reward yourself just because why not?

3. Take a nice, soothing nap or bath. Alone time is healthy and needed. Even when it seems impossible to take a few minutes, there’s always a chance to be quietly happy in your own company.

4. Hug someone you love TODAY.

5. Call someone you’ve been wanting to call and haven’t. Why neglect a little happiness for both of you?

6. Sit down on your favourite corner and start reading that book you’ve been flirting with. Read 10 pages for a start.

7. What’s your favourite song? Play it NOW and dance to it!

8. What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Wear it today, because why not?

9. Right were you are…3 big, massive, strong jumps to the sky, like you mean to reach the clouds! Let energy flow.

10. Movie & delivery night in? Cuddle up, call that pizza place, sit back and relax! Family fun is on the table today.

Have a great weekend!

Embrace your health and empower yourself.
Dr. Mariana

Mariana Calleja MD

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