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good habits walk outdoors♥ Love Your Heart And Go For A Stroll Today ♥

It’s no secret that any kind of physical activity is beneficial to the body, even if done for a short period of time. But how exactly?

Let me show you:

1. When you walk for more than 20 minutes, the muscles in your legs will help pump blood through arteries and veins, allowing a proper blood flow throughout the entire body, giving a good breath and a spoonful of nutrients and energy to your muscles and bones.

2. The same happens with the brain, which will not only help in a physical way but also in the way of productivity. More fresh air to the brain will let you think more clearly. Always good before work or before bed to help you rest better.

3. Taking a walk is proven to relax your mind when thoughts are jumping all over the place, mainly because it helps the brain to release «happy» substances produced naturally when we are in touch with daylight. We need nature and there’s no doubt about it.

4. If you take a walk on a sunny day, your skin will get enough light to use in the production of Vitamin D that will help strengthen the bones. Don’t forget to use solar protection!

5. Taking a stroll will finally put your entire circulation in action, which activates cleansing organs, such as the kidneys. Have a glass of water or two before heading out. The body is an incredibly grateful machine. Just with a little help, and it’ll make amazing things to keep you healthy without you even noticing.

So, now you know. No excuse to go for a daily stroll!

Love, Dr. Mariana

Mariana Calleja MD

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Dr. Mariana Calleja

Mariana Calleja is a doctor, writer and entrepreneur. Teaching people healthy habits that stick, and how to manage stress to live a better, healthier, calmer life. Pain management specialist, with a deep story of her own on learning how to heal a personal sexual pain, that would allow her embrace and live a true, meaningful life. (More on the blog.)

Mariana is an absolute advocate of communication, relationships, tackling taboos and digging inner fears for better living. Health is a whole. Mindset, awareness and communication are the key to a good, calm, healthy life.

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