Are you suffering from the nagging effects of stress….

Headaches? An inability to concentrate properly? Mood swings? Uncontrollable cravings? Anxious, sleepless nights?

…but shrugging them off as a temporary blip in your health, or even as a mark of accomplishment – a sign you’re successful, hard-working and living life to the max?

Trust me – you won’t feel that way for long.

As a doctor working for over a decade in pain management, I’ve seen what stress can do, in a terrifyingly short amount of time.

Stress is the enemy of the overworked house-runner or parent, the employee struggling to make ends meet, and the busy self-employed entrepreneur. Once it’s at work, it strips you of your health, bit by bit, day by day – and at first, you’re barely aware of it at a conscious level. You consider it a trivial annoyance, nothing more.

In fact, stress is about as far from trivial as it’s possible to get.

It’s a health-wrecker.

It’s a bomb detonated in the middle of your future.

So I made a course to disarm it, step by step – starting today.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row]

How To Disarm Stress Before It Blows Up In Your Face

(aka. The Guiding Principles Of The Course)

1. Healthy habits prevent stress from metastasizing into anxiety and panic disorders. If that sounds scary, good – it should. It’s that serious.

2. Willpower alone doesn’t work. In fact, it’s why we usually fail to hit our health goals. But that’s okay – there’s a better way.

3. Sticking to healthy habits should require no thought and no effort. That might sound like a contradiction in terms. It isn’t. In fact, it’s the key to your long-term health.

4. You have the power. Stress can be managed effectively. You just need to know what to do, when to do it, and how to keep doing it.

“When I began the course I expected to find ways to balance both my personal and professional life in the midst of high stress peaks. Mariana’s lessons made me realise how the issue went deeper and how I needed to dig it out. I understood that mindset is everything in life. The lessons are extremely fun, easy, and entertaining. Is like talking to a normal person! Mariana absolutely respects your time and pace as you go through the course, patiently and lovingly. Can’t recommend it enough!”
Karla Barquero, MBTI Certified Practitioner
Costa Rica –

How This Course Works

It’s eight lessons, delivered by e-mail over 4 weeks.

It’s tried and tested medical advice combined with the latest habit-building techniques, giving you the tools to stick to your healthy resolutions.

It’s the guidance you need, combined with regular challenges that will create healthy, meaningful, lasting change in your daily routine.

It’s also access to a private Facebook community of like-minded habit-builders, and a private 1:1 consultation with me to tailor the course precisely to your needs.

“I took Mariana’s course a couple of months ago in the throes of getting organised for a one-month solo trip to Central Asia. My hair was standing on end – packing, flights, budgets, visas, last-minute political events that threatened to throw everything off the rails… I was STRESSED. Mariana suggested I try her stress-busting course, which I did, a bit skeptically. These things don’t usually work for me because the advice often feels counterintuitive. Not this time! It was so simple even I could follow each step, which was delivered by email every few days. Slow and easy, I picked up one little habit at a time. If it all starts to become ‘too much’ and you need a bit of a redirect and some breathing space, please take this course.”

Leyla Giray Alyanak
United Nations
– Switzerland –

What Do You Get?

Clear and straight forward. When purchasing this course, you get:

  1. One complimentary 1:1 session with Mariana Calleja MD. (Valued at $120)
  2. Eight lessons via email delivered throughout a 1-month period (2 per week)
  3. Eight actionable challenges with each lesson.
  4. “How to Use This Course” Starter Guide.
  5. Discovery questionnaire that will be key to our Clarity Call.
  6. Access to the private Facebook community where you’ll get extra material, live coaching and Q&A sessions.
  7. Weekly Q&A live.
  8. Unlimited email support.
Seriously, this is a bargain! Why?

Because I really urge you to start taking care of yourself and I want to guide you in the process.

It’s staggeringly good value. 

Regular Price: $25

*You join and we go at your own pace throughout the duration of the course while receiving my full health, medical support.


Note: I’ve discounted an extra to absorb your VAT tax charge at my end. However, you may be charged some extra cents, depending on the country you’re in. 

Still Unsure?

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