Session Packs

Because some times a single session is not enough to truly start digging deeper into a pain that needs healing, I created these packs. A bundle of private sessions where we will dive deeply into the issue and come up with an action plan. Unlimited email support during the duration of the sessions is always included in these packs only.

Health & Prevention

A 90-minute private session where we will talk in more depth about your current health concern as we work together to find a quick and powerful mini plan of action for you to start doing right away.
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $120 USD


A 3-session plan to get deeper clarity and understanding of your own body, your needs and what you need to change to start feeling better. Includes a successful mini plan of action and unlimited email support during the sessions.
Duration: 3 Sessions/60 minutes each
Cost: $310 USD


A 12-week comprehensive, personalised and medically guided program for individuals who are commited and willing to start taking action into improving their health for the future and their overall sense of well-being.
Duration: 12 weeks
Cost: $2800 USD


Communication & Relationship Coaching

A session for people who are struggling with emotional pain in a relationship, and needing clarity before it becomes a physical or chronic.

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $120 (USD)


A 3-session pack to dive deeper into the problem, with medical guidance, an action plan and unlimited email support during the sessions.

Duration per session: 60 minutes
Cost: $350 (USD)


1-month support (5 sessions) for people in need of deeper guidance into the core of a problem in a relationship, to heal emotional pain with medical support, action plan and unlimited email support during 1 month.

Duration: Four 60-min session + one 30 mins follow-up session
Cost: $599 (USD)


For more information or special requests not on this list, please contact me here or at