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With over a decade of experience as a practising doctor, specialised in pain management and with vast experience working with adults both in personal and corporate levels, I’ve understood that pain is the main reason why people seek a doctor. Understanding that pain can be both physical and emotional, is the first step into a process of living a pain-free life, no matter the circumstance.

I’ve been allowed to heal not only body disturbances but most importantly, preventing them in the first place. Whether at home or at the work place, prevention will radically improve the way you live.

  • I work on private consultation for individuals, through online video calls.
  • I do offline work, anywhere in the world. Generally as a wellness-at-work consultant for companies, and through my own workshops, retreats and speaking gigs.
  • I offer single sessions and pack sessions according to your specific needs, which we’ll discuss in advance so we can come up with a special tailored plan for you.
  • Payments are done via safety payment platform and/or Paypal.
  • For more information, please contact me here.

Single sessions for individuals, in complete privacy and confidentiality, aimed to discuss a single health concern.


Packs of 3 or more sessions aimed to cover a health concern with a proper, medically guided plan of action. Sometimes it could take a few sessions, sometimes it could take more, depending on your personal need.


Professional services for corporations to improve productivity and performance at work, via wellness workshops, talks and medically guided activities according to your company’s specific goals.


For more information or special requests not on this list, please contact me here or at

How Do We Work Together?

The way I do medicine here is a bit different from what you’d normally get at a doctor’s office. Why? Because you’re coming to me to help improve and prevent health issues, not cure them when they’re already present.

We work together through online video calls.

We work together while taking action and following all my medical advice and recommendations in order to see results. We’d always work as a team. My advice has no effect if you do nothing – this is key to remember!

You just became aware on how you want to start making some changes and taking action. And this is where I come in, as your accountability partner and as your health guide/coach. Yes, I’ll cheer you up every time, and I’ll also encourage you to take action and make changes towards a good, healthier life. (We might even sing together on our calls at times!)

I love making this journey to a Feel Good life not a boring, dull one but a fun, loving one. Is a path to a new you so of course you want to enjoy it and I want to be there for you!

I believe we are all unique, and because of this, our bodies have unique, personal needs.  After more than a decade of medical background and experience, I’ve understood this to the root. Which is the reason why I decided to create very specific, tailored plans for every single person I work with. Because your needs are different from everyone else and you need to be aware of this, even hyperaware!

And that’s what I’ll help you with.

How Does It Work? (F.A.Q.)

Because you want peace of mind. Most medical queries don’t require a medical visit to a clinic – yet you need a medical expert to confirm it, every time. But what if a visit to the doctor’s surgery is impractical, even impossible? You need online advice from someone you can trust just as much as your local doctor. And that’s me. I’m a local doctor, using the internet as her clinic!
Yes – and no. I’m just as qualified as your local general practitioner, but I can´t prescribe medication, and obviously I don´t have access to emergency health facilities. If it’s a medical emergency, you do things the traditional, offline way. My job is to help prevent medical emergencies.
Do you really want to risk your health on unverified advice written by a complete stranger you know nothing about – especially one that doesn’t know your medical history? Google is amazing – and it’s also plagued with advice you can’t trust. When that advice is medical, you’re taking a huge risk. You need professional advice from a medical expert who understands your problem, because she’s talked it through with you, face to face. You can’t get that from a Google search.
I am indeed! I am tiny, have long hair, brown eyes and I smile a lot. But you will trust me because of two things: 1) I’m a fully-qualified doctor with a decade of experience working as a local MD – and 2) we’re going to talk everything through, face to face. I will take the time to listen to your problems, alleviate your concerns, guide you to the practical solutions you need, and always tell you if you need to hang up the call and seek help elsewhere. This relationship will be built on trust – and I’m ready to do my part, to the best of my professional ability.null
Skype is my tool of choice, and calls normally take no more than an hour. But if you prefer, we can arrange communication via email too, if you feel more comfortable with that method (although Skype will speed things up immensely). There are package options where you can buy more than one consultation hour if we need to treat a topic requiring more time – this can be applied to email as well, so no worries! Whatever your chosen method, I’m here to to deliver the advice you need in the most comfortable way I can.
No problema! I speak English and Spanish. My consultation is most popular among english-speaking patients, but Spanish is my mother language so you can definitely count on it anytime.
If you cheat (ie. ignore my advice), I can’t stop you doing that. But you want to take control of your health before it becomes an issue – which is why you reached out to me in the first place, right? OK then. Let’s follow the rules instead.
I’m not on call 24/7 – but I am available at short notice. We will probably be in different time zones most of the times, so we will always arrange the most convenient time for our appointments. If you need an answer quickly, I’ll reply as soon as I possibly can, and we can arrange for a priority call – but if it´s a full-blown medical emergency, I want to hear about it after you’ve been to your local emergency room.
If you want to, that’s totally fine – but I’ll be making my own notes. I’ll also be giving you materials to work with during our consultation sessions. NOTE: all personal details I record in my notes will be fully covered by doctor-patient confidentiality.
It will remain confidential because my 10-year reputation as a medical practitioner depends on it. Trust me on this. It’s the same as if you went to a hospital or local MD. Also? It’ll be in writing. We will sign a consent form. This is the standard, internationally recognised way of defining the doctor-patient relationship, and I will always abide by it. You trust me to help you and keep your personal details private and secure, and I trust you to listen, learn and take action to maintain and improve your health. We will both sign a digital consent form, and you’ll get a copy for your records.
As long as you need! Sometimes a single call will be enough. Other times we’ll work on a process, taking days, weeks, even months for a long programme of improvement. Be assured, we will always discuss the duration of these consultation programmes before you make any payments. I promise that you’ll always know what you’re signing up for.
Simple: because I love to travel. I’ve now found a way to evolve my professional life around my love of exploring the world – and I’m a part-time multilingual travel writer (my travel blog is Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about the intersection of travel and health – and it’s now a cornerstone of my consultancy work.
Great! Let’s do this. Scroll down the page to find more details.

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