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We’ve all been there and is not easy. The pain of fear, doubt, or truth making us cringe in our mind and gut until we can’t bear it anymore.

Why is it so difficult to communicate our thoughts and needs?

When you have a situation with someone, you know talking is needed and you still don’t say anything – whether out of fear or out of “protecting them”, you’re underestimating the capacity and ability that person has as an emotional human being to talk, listen and/or understand, just like you.

All the stories of assumptions, judgements and misconceptions in your head are making you drown.

Are you having…

  • A relationship in your life right now that is draining your energy away, making you tired, confused, frustrated or angry?
  • A relationship making you feel stuck?
  • A relationship in your life making you feel sick – even compromising your health without you noticing?
  • An issue with someone you value a lot in your life, and you’re not sure how to deal with it but you just know it needs taking care of? You know the fear is making you lose precious time…
  • Are you feeling like you need strength or reassurance on that situation that’s hurting so much?

Whether with a partner, a family member, a colleague, a stranger. Or yourself.


“Mariana put me back in a place of power. She really opened me up, and I’m not sure if I would’ve been open to tapping on self-love and strength if she hadn’t said the things that she said to me on the session. Thank you.”
– Dominique Lynch, U.S.A  –

Tackle the pains and win the battle to those inner struggles that are holding you back.

Love yourself, your relationships and your life so much that you can’t even believe how awesome you’re having it.

Heal the pain inside you that’s making you unhealthy and unable to cope and move forward.

“Beside her medical skills, Mariana has the wonderful ability to inspire people. She helped me to create amazing ideas and has supported me so much! She is a very loving and open-minded person and I can highly recommend her service. She is just awesome!”
– Bea Jucker, Switzerland –

Just imagine for one second what it would feel like to have that situation solved in your heart and in your life.

Imagine how free and joyful you will be when you’ve understood what you need to do about a toxic situation or relationship. You will be unstoppable and the most confident ever! I know it. Because I went through it all several times.

You need to heal your inner pains to move forward.

And also this:

Talking is essential.
– Talking is the way to healing.
Talking to the right person that will keep your privacy and will hold your emotions is needed.
– Keeping it all inside you will only turn into a time bomb that will explode in the middle of your future.
– All emotional pains will translate into physical pains if left unattended.
– Your entire life will suffer the consequences of not communicating.

“While working with Mariana I had a major breakthrough in an area of my life that I wasn’t even aware of and it was a huge part in my healing journey to becoming more of my true self and achieving my highest potential. Mariana offered me a safe space to share myself openly. She is a great listener and healer who is also patient and gentle. I would recommend anyone going through relationship challenges and pains to work with Mariana.”
 – Nadjejda Chapoteau, U.S.A –

 I Can Help

Through our sessions, you will be able to find the clarity and strength you need in the process of dealing with a difficult situation. We’ll dig into your most important pain points and heal them. Be ready to understand what’s holding you back and gain back control of your feelings and emotional health before it starts showing in your body.

All sessions are 1-hour duration, held via Skype or Zoom.
All information is protected under ethical medical agreement.
All sessions are strictly confidential.

“Mariana gives a space of complete trust, honesty and inspiration. Her ease around relationships, health and sex allowed me to feel comfortable with sharing things I had never told anyone. What a blessing in its own! We started off our call around my business relationship, which was stressing me out immensely and the conversation was shifted dramatically. Mariana found the source of my pain within the first 30 minutes.

She is kind, patient, phenomenal. The courage she shows is courage I borrowed for myself. My life has changed so much in just one call, from being shy in a certain area of my life to being experimental, satisfying and fun!”
– Nicole Kolb, South Africa –

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