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Communication & Relationships

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Health Journal Mindful Living Taboos The Smart Health Project

On Being a Writer, an Entrepreneur and a Doctor Who Wants to Talk Taboos

Wait, what? Yes, taboos. I’ve talking about my most recent ventures in life: new business-owner, new home, my writing, my deep thoughts. New life, basically. I’ve been supported for the …

Health Journal Sexuality The Smart Health Project Women's Health

Words on a Life of Sexual Pain

It hurt. During eight years it hurt. Physically and emotionally. Beyond my understanding and anyone else’s. To the point of doubting my own self, my sexuality, my body, my desires, …

Health Journal Relationships The Smart Health Project

Divorce: A Tough Way to Self-Discovery

I am 33 years young and I went through a divorce 15 months ago. *I like the young-approach more than the usual X-years old. It’s lively and fun.* It was an unusually …

Communication Mindful Living Relationships The Smart Health Project Wellness

Healthy Communication Through Silence & Inner Journeys

I enjoy silence. The silence of my flat, of my world, of my mind. I have come to enjoy the sole presence of my own self, different than ever before. …

Communication Mindful Living The Smart Health Project Wellness

Emotional Health. On The Road or Not.

How much do you let your emotions (happy or not so happy) flow naturally? I was once talking to one of my patient’s daughters about some issues regarding her mother’s health …

Growing Old Health Health Journal The Smart Health Project

Amazing Little Things of Life and the Mind

Today one of my patients was looking gorgeous & bright so I told her. She smiled & replied with a shy but charming “I am“. She has severe dementia. Usually …