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First Aid Health Prevention Skin Problems Travel

Summertime! Also Sunburn Time, Be Careful.

Raise your hand if you hate the sunny weather! Well, there’s gotta be someone out there, right? That person surely isn’t me. I am solar powered and I seek for the sun first …

Emergencies First Aid Health Skin Problems Travel

Bleeding Wounds: What to Do in 6 Easy Steps

“BLOOD! OMG, I’m about to faint…” Wait! Before you do, don’t panic and read this. Who hasn’t felt the rusty blade of a surface or random object on the street…right …

Allergic Reactions Emergencies First Aid Prevention Skin Problems Travel

The 3 most basic life-saving things to carry with you at all times

  Hello everyone! One more useful informative post. This time thinking about the most basic things we all should carry on our health kit when travelling, thanks to a fruitful …