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Summertime! Also Sunburn Time, Be Careful.

Raise your hand if you hate the sunny weather! Well, there’s gotta be someone out there, right? That person surely isn’t me. I am solar powered and I seek for the sun first …

Emergencies First Aid Prevention Travel

Cayenne Pepper: An Anti-bleeding Remedy

It turns out that cayenne pepper is an amazing remedy for a bleeding injury. Yes! Just like you just read. I found an interesting article a few days ago explaining this …

Chronic Diseases Headaches Health Prevention Travel

Headaches: An Annoying Travel Companion

We’ve all had a headache in our lives, right? Yes…we all know the uncomfortable feeling of dizziness, along with light or noise sensitivity, even nausea at times. Awful paralysing sensations …

Google ImagesDigestive Health Prevention Travel

Not Drinking Enough Water Has Consequences

Water. That essential transparent and non-flavoured liquid that they keep telling us we should drink all the time. That one that seems vital and yet, we still avoid or forget …

Health Prevention Sugar The Smart Health Project The Smart Sugar Project

Sugar Madness vs. Common Sense

It’s a fact that can’t be denied: sugar nowadays is a major concern and it’s affecting our health, giving us an increasing risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and its …

Bones & Muscles Emergencies First Aid Prevention Travel

Knee Injuries, Winter Sports & Preventive Advice

A Knee Injury Story One year ago I learned how to ski and it was the best feeling ever! The magic of disconnection towards the white-lightened scenery was simply outstanding, …

Allergic Reactions Emergencies First Aid Prevention Skin Problems Travel

The 3 most basic life-saving things to carry with you at all times

  Hello everyone! One more useful informative post. This time thinking about the most basic things we all should carry on our health kit when travelling, thanks to a fruitful …

Emergencies First Aid Health Prevention Sugar The Smart Sugar Project

Stress and Sugar Craving: Why Does it Happen?

  I am on a flight and I notice how the girl on my side is constantly eating candies during the whole journey, in a slightly notorious stressed way. It …