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Sugar Madness vs. Common Sense

It’s a fact that can’t be denied: sugar nowadays is a major concern and it’s affecting our health, giving us an increasing risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and its …

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Bleeding Wounds: What to Do in 6 Easy Steps

“BLOOD! OMG, I’m about to faint…” Wait! Before you do, don’t panic and read this. Who hasn’t felt the rusty blade of a surface or random object on the street…right …

By Google ImagesChronic Diseases Health Sugar The Smart Health Project The Smart Sugar Project

Sugar, Travel & Chronic Disease? Be Aware

Do you love sugar? Me too. And I don’t have any intentions on giving it up. But I do intend to have a healthy relationship with it before it takes …

Growing Old Health Health Journal The Smart Health Project

Amazing Little Things of Life and the Mind

Today one of my patients was looking gorgeous & bright so I told her. She smiled & replied with a shy but charming “I am“. She has severe dementia. Usually …

Digestive Grandma's Remedies Health Travel

Coping with Digestive Problems when Traveling

    Our digestive track is probably the most sensitive part of our bodies when we travel, which makes digestive problems one of the most frequent problems as we travel (or …

Emergencies First Aid Health Prevention Sugar The Smart Sugar Project

Stress and Sugar Craving: Why Does it Happen?

  I am on a flight and I notice how the girl on my side is constantly eating candies during the whole journey, in a slightly notorious stressed way. It …

Digestive Health Prevention The Smart Health Project Travel

Why is it Good to Carry Alcohol Hand Gel?

Because prevention is the best medicine of all! And moving around the world will get our hands dirty all the time. But this is okay! We need to put our …