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Good Habits Health Health Journal

On The Challenge of Staying Productive

Good week, everyone! And also: HELP! I’m cracking my brain here. I’m on the move again, onto my next location where I can hopefully base myself for two or three …

Good Habits Health

Good Habits: We Need To Get The Basics Right

I’ve been talking a lot about good, healthy habits. This is because I’m on a journey myself about finding these little sneaky things that play with our brain. Let’s call …

Chronic Diseases Digestive Health

Constipation Isn't Fun

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Health Mindful Living

TEDx Barcelona on Science, Technology, Humanity and Change

A quick round-up on my TEDx Barcelona experience yesterday. It’s a bit of a long read but I promise this is totally worth. PART I: THE NEW Opening up with …

Digestive Health Mindful Living The Smart Health Project Wellness

How to Listen to Your Body and Find Health Within

A tiny drop of body wisdom and advice from my personal observation experiments within the last year and a half. I live in Barcelona since 2010. And recently I decided …

First Aid Health Prevention Skin Problems Travel

Summertime! Also Sunburn Time, Be Careful.

Raise your hand if you hate the sunny weather! Well, there’s gotta be someone out there, right? That person surely isn’t me. I am solar powered and I seek for the sun first …

Chronic Diseases Headaches Health Prevention Travel

Headaches: An Annoying Travel Companion

We’ve all had a headache in our lives, right? Yes…we all know the uncomfortable feeling of dizziness, along with light or noise sensitivity, even nausea at times. Awful paralysing sensations …

Chronic Diseases Health Sugar The Smart Sugar Project

Sugar Addiction: Sweet Tooth Going Out of Control?

Sugar addiction is a major topic nowadays. A major public health issue worldwide, and one that has the earliest starting rate ever. This is alarming and we need to talk. …

Google ImagesDigestive Health Prevention Travel

Not Drinking Enough Water Has Consequences

Water. That essential transparent and non-flavoured liquid that they keep telling us we should drink all the time. That one that seems vital and yet, we still avoid or forget …