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Health Journal Mindful Living The Smart Health Project

A New Season of Life – When It’s Time to Reassess

January 29th, 2018 Hello again! Here’s a few nuggets from last week. As the new year is moving through and January is almost gone, I find myself thinking on the …

Health Journal Mindful Living

It’s Time to Do Health Differently – And Here’s How I’m Doing It

I’ve recently realised I miss writing like I used to do in my travel site. This travel site has been my baby, my first love, my fuel, my reason, my …

Health Journal Mindful Living Taboos The Smart Health Project

On Being a Writer, an Entrepreneur and a Doctor Who Wants to Talk Taboos

Wait, what? Yes, taboos. I’ve talking about my most recent ventures in life: new business-owner, new home, my writing, my deep thoughts. New life, basically. I’ve been supported for the …

Good Habits Health Health Journal The Smart Health Project

Feel Good Prompts For You Today

Talking about healthy habits and a Feel Good life! Here are 10 things I want to give you. Things for you to choose the one that inspires you the most and …

Good Habits Health Health Journal

On The Challenge of Staying Productive

Good week, everyone! And also: HELP! I’m cracking my brain here. I’m on the move again, onto my next location where I can hopefully base myself for two or three …

Digestive Health Journal Travel

Food & Digestive Findings Around The World

Here I am again with some personal stuff that I’m sure will be helpful to many out there. This time it’s about travel and digestive issues. Most specifically: constipation and IBS. You might …

Health Journal Sexuality The Smart Health Project Women's Health

Words on a Life of Sexual Pain

It hurt. During eight years it hurt. Physically and emotionally. Beyond my understanding and anyone else’s. To the point of doubting my own self, my sexuality, my body, my desires, …

Health Journal Relationships The Smart Health Project

Divorce: A Tough Way to Self-Discovery

I am 33 years young and I went through a divorce 15 months ago. *I like the young-approach more than the usual X-years old. It’s lively and fun.* It was an unusually …