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Digestive Good Habits Health

The Gut Brain, Poop & Well-Being

Digestive health is key to our overall well-being, no doubt about it. But why is it exactly that experts keep saying this? Picture this: digestive health is so important that we talk …

Digestive Health Journal Travel

Food & Digestive Findings Around The World

Here I am again with some personal stuff that I’m sure will be helpful to many out there. This time it’s about travel and digestive issues. Most specifically: constipation and IBS. You might …

Chronic Diseases Digestive Health

Constipation Isn't Fun

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Digestive Health Mindful Living The Smart Health Project Wellness

How to Listen to Your Body and Find Health Within

A tiny drop of body wisdom and advice from my personal observation experiments within the last year and a half. I live in Barcelona since 2010. And recently I decided …

Google ImagesDigestive Health Prevention Travel

Not Drinking Enough Water Has Consequences

Water. That essential transparent and non-flavoured liquid that they keep telling us we should drink all the time. That one that seems vital and yet, we still avoid or forget …

Digestive Grandma's Remedies Health Travel

Coping with Digestive Problems when Traveling

    Our digestive track is probably the most sensitive part of our bodies when we travel, which makes digestive problems one of the most frequent problems as we travel (or …

Digestive Health Prevention The Smart Health Project Travel

Why is it Good to Carry Alcohol Hand Gel?

Because prevention is the best medicine of all! And moving around the world will get our hands dirty all the time. But this is okay! We need to put our …

Air Travel Digestive Sleep The Smart Health Project Travel

Three Basic Remedies Against Jet Lag

We all know the feeling of jet lag, don’t we? No matter on what measure, we all have felt the tiredness and heavy-body sensation when changing time zones as we …