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Chronic Diseases Digestive Health

Constipation Isn't Fun

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Chronic Diseases Headaches Health Prevention Travel

Headaches: An Annoying Travel Companion

We’ve all had a headache in our lives, right? Yes…we all know the uncomfortable feeling of dizziness, along with light or noise sensitivity, even nausea at times. Awful paralysing sensations …

Chronic Diseases Health Sugar The Smart Sugar Project

Sugar Addiction: Sweet Tooth Going Out of Control?

Sugar addiction is a major topic nowadays. A major public health issue worldwide, and one that has the earliest starting rate ever. This is alarming and we need to talk. …

By Google ImagesChronic Diseases Health Sugar The Smart Health Project The Smart Sugar Project

Sugar, Travel & Chronic Disease? Be Aware

Do you love sugar? Me too. And I don’t have any intentions on giving it up. But I do intend to have a healthy relationship with it before it takes …