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Why? Because we all travel some time in our lives. And this will always get us exposed to endless possibilities (nice and not-so-nice) at some point, even if it’s just once.

Which is why we need to be aware of this vital travel tip I’m bringing you today.

Whether we travel solo or with a partner or a few more people, we should always carry some basic and vital information about ourselves in our pockets.


Because we never know what could happen. It’s not being fatalist but smart and prudent. Cautious.

What does vital means?

Well, it refers to basic facts about us as human beings. Facts that will help in an emergency case, such as name, blood type, person of contact and a few more (listed at my fun and easy info-graphic just a few lines scrolling down).

Here’s a good example of what kind of information we should carry in our pockets/wallets/purse/backpack every time we travel. You can even just write it down on a piece of paper and keep it with you at all times. Even while at your usual home town!

Take a quick look, learn and put into practice. Let’s prevent together and share the knowledge too. Because caring is both preventing and sharing!

Dr. Mariana
Vital Info in Pocket
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Dr. Mariana Calleja

Mariana Calleja is a doctor, writer and entrepreneur. Teaching people healthy habits that stick, and how to manage stress to live a better, healthier, calmer life. Pain management specialist, with a deep story of her own on learning how to heal a personal sexual pain, that would allow her embrace and live a true, meaningful life. (More on the blog.)

Mariana is an absolute advocate of communication, relationships, tackling taboos and digging inner fears for better living. Health is a whole. Mindset, awareness and communication are the key to a good, calm, healthy life.

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