Dear Julian: Welcome Letters To The World

A small, heartfelt guide for new members of this world and their parents and caregivers, to guide them through this journey of life as they explore and grow in a multicultural world with vast languages, religions, mindsets, traditions and beyond.

This is a small book containing letters written by Auntie Mariana to Baby Julian for his first birthday, inspired in his first-year wanderings, to remind us all how to live simply and better through our kids life experience as they evolve. Aimed to be a life manual for kids as they grow and all the way into adulthood, filled with lessons, wisdom and simple views to help the reader embrace a better living.

About The Author

Mariana Calleja is a Costa Rican doctor and writer, MSc. in Pain Management and Health Prevention, based in Barcelona, Spain where she enjoys both her medical practice as a pain management and health prevention specialist, and her always-inspiring writing afternoons around coffee shops, libraries, parks and book stores. Her overall work is focused on the emotional wellbeing of people, allowing them to become aware, understand and evolve all aspects of health, mind and body, to lead a more fulfilling life.

As a non-fiction writer, Mariana focuses on health, wellness, mindfulness, life philosophy and all about communication and relationships, with the mission to continously tie mind, body and soul in a vast, rich world.

Mariana enjoys deeply her very own home and personal spaces, dancing, singing (great concerts in the shower daily) and spending long hours of people-watching as a deeper way to understand the world and ourselves.

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