Welcome to Awareness Bracelets

A brand new bracelet line created by Feel Good™ & HAMSA Designs to help raise awareness and deliver support to different health issues that affect large percentages of the population worldwide, not only patients but also their beloved ones.

We are Mariana Calleja, a doctor and holistic health advocate, and Daphne Ross, an odontologyst and jewelry designer from Costa Rica, both working together to bring design, awareness and prevention into one beautifully and locally made piece of jewelry – aiming to help raise awareness on concerning health issues that people are suffering worldwide more and more every day.

We are launching this new brand focusing on the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, 2017.

November will be next with Prostate Cancer Awareness, and following up will come a whole new line of health awareness issues to help raise not only awareness but funds too, including mental health, depression, autoimmune diseases and children’s ailments.

Without further ado, our very first Awareness Bracelet. Locally made in Costa Rica and shipping worldwide.

Made with pink polyester, pink Czech stones, steel accesories and a pweter awareness ribbon, each design has a value of $10 (+ $5 shipping costs). You can choose between the single-stripped or the triple-stripped design, to be selected after your purchase.

* From every bracelet purchased, we’ll donate 10% to the Anna Ross Foundation – a well-known Costa Rican cancer awareness and research foundation.

Please join us in this #HealthAwareness movement to help raise awareness, funds and aid so many fellow human beings who suffer or have suffered the consequences of breast cancer can receive more support and hope in their lifetime.

If you’re a health organisation, fundraiser or a health-related business and are interested in taking part in our movement, please contact us at contact@marianacalleja.com.

The more people we get involved, the more help, aid and support we’ll be able to deliver!

*For Paypal purchases, please make sure to choose the right currency (USD).
**We ship worldwide. Shipping costs ($5) are not included.

For special inquiries, please contact us at contact@marianacalleja.com