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Good Habits Health The Smart Health Project

Habits as Superpowers. Yes!

Today is about gamifying life and talking about your superpowers.  Did you know you have superpowers? Of course you do! We all do. But wait, there’s evil superpowers and good superpowers. And …

Good Habits Health The Smart Health Project

Self-Awareness: The Key To Long-Term Health

I’m on a higher mission so important that it will change the way you live. I’m on a mission to help people in every corner possible of the world to feel better …

Health Journal Mindful Living Taboos The Smart Health Project

On Being a Writer, an Entrepreneur and a Doctor Who Wants to Talk Taboos

Wait, what? Yes, taboos. I’ve talking about my most recent ventures in life: new business-owner, new home, my writing, my deep thoughts. New life, basically. I’ve been supported for the …

Good Habits Health Health Journal The Smart Health Project

Feel Good Prompts For You Today

Talking about healthy habits and a Feel Good life! Here are 10 things I want to give you. Things for you to choose the one that inspires you the most and …

Digestive Good Habits Health

The Gut Brain, Poop & Well-Being

Digestive health is key to our overall well-being, no doubt about it. But why is it exactly that experts keep saying this? Picture this: digestive health is so important that we talk …

Good Habits Health Health Journal

On The Challenge of Staying Productive

Good week, everyone! And also: HELP! I’m cracking my brain here. I’m on the move again, onto my next location where I can hopefully base myself for two or three …

Good Habits Health

Good Habits: We Need To Get The Basics Right

I’ve been talking a lot about good, healthy habits. This is because I’m on a journey myself about finding these little sneaky things that play with our brain. Let’s call …