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Are You…

A Digital Nomad?

Yes, I know you. You’ve become used to moving, planning the next stay and the next flight or bus. You’ve mastered the nomadic routine. Heck, you’ve even mastered the art of working as you move. But I also know you’ve been tired of the constant roller coaster this journey can be so many times. I know how long it can take, feeling like it’s a never-ending day or night. Like stress is now a constant in  life, which we both know can be daunting.

Yes, I know.

Because I’m a digital nomad doctor, believe or not. I’ve been there. I’ve grown tired of changing beds so frequently at times. I’ve felt home in so many places that going back to my actual home is confusing. I’ve also had bad cases of stress on the road, even taking me to the roads of PTSD for months. I’ve had a brain tumour scare while in England, before I flew to Portugal to get checked, being sent immediately to get a head scan. All these journeys as we work and travel can really mess our health up. Yup, I learned the hard way how stress can kill our health and our business, if we let it. Right?

It this resonates, then please keep reading.

I’m about to launch something that’s going to break worldwide health paradigms.

With it, I’m creating a project just for YOU to help you keep your absolute wellbeing as you work and travel – made by a real doctor who understands your nomadic story.
And it’s coming out in August 2017.
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I promise you this will be Good. 😉