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Hello! I’m Mariana Calleja


A Doctor and a Writer

I’m a Costa Rican doctor and writer, who has lived in Europe since 2010, and now on the move into new landscapes, both personal, geographical and business wise. Twelve months ago I made a leap: I decided to travel for a year while building something I truly believe in. Something I haven’t seen around.

I’ve been creating healthy habits that stick.

Whether is physical health, emotional health, digestive health, or others you can personally think of, good habits apply to all of them. Call it exercising, waking up early, getting better sleep, choosing the right foods for you, being social, spending time with beloved ones, learning to communicate better, improving your relationships, working on self-confidence. All of these have one thing in common:

It’s all about improving how you feel about yourself.

  • I’ve been helping people who are committed to make a lasting change in their health and lives, by being their 1:1 doctor who creates unique plans and guided masterplans while walking with them in the process.
  • I’ve been helping people to cope with the emotional difficulties of a chronic pain condition.
  • I’ve been helping people how to go through and cope with a relative’s chronic condition.
  • I’ve been helping people to deal with difficult relationships through better communication whether with the other part or with themselves.
  • I’ve coached individuals and companies showing them how it’s possible to learn health basics so you can take control and feel good on daily basis.

We all know what good, healthy life looks like, but we struggle to make the right habits and make them stay in our routine for good. Specially when people seem to forget how health is a whole of both mind and body.

If you think health is just about physical conditions, then you need to reassess what you think being healthy means.

I realised that people visit a doctor just when feeling sick or in pain. This made me think: what if there was a doctor who instead of curing disease, helps prevent disease? One that helps you avoid getting ill, teaching you exactly how and why. And this is exactly what I decided to become and create.

I’ve been able to help people through my different services and anywhere in the world:

1. Online Consultation
2. Stress Management Through Healthy Habits 1-Month Ecourse
3. Short Term Health Plans
4. Long Term Health Plans
5. Mini Sessions for Health Clarity & Quick Doubt-Clearing
6. Communication & Relationships Coaching
7. Feel Good Masterplan
8. Corporate Consulting Services
9. Servicios en Español

Building practical ways to teach people  how to stay healthy, to prevent, to improve the way they feel on their day-today, finding relief from the stress of our modern world routines.

It’ doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, a stay-at-home parent or freelancer, an entrepreneur juggling many hats at once (I hear you!), even a long-term traveller or digital nomad. Wanting to feel good and building better health in the long term is something that we all share no matter what we do for a living.

My services are available to anyone. And I really mean everyone.

Both in English and Spanish.

as-seen-on-mariana calleja

Even if we’re in different time zones, we’ll find the right time to talk.

That’s the beauty of this online world bringing us closer when we create these gaps of goodness and well-being for everyone. (a.k.a “Doctor’s always in!“).

  • Learn more about what I do and how I do it, get started here.
  • If you’re curious on how an online doctor works, read my F.A.Q.
  • If you want to know about my online consultation services, please go here.
  • Get a Free Discovery Call with me & discover how I could help you. Schedule yours today!
  • If you want further professional reference, please check my CV or visit my Linkedin profile.
  • If you’re on social media, find me! I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’m quite active and I enjoy it a lot!
  • If you want to work with me or ask for a particular request contact me here. I’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

This Site Is My Medical Practice

Doctor Mariana Calleja

My job follows me everywhere.

After being in hospitals, clinics and nursery homes for almost 10 years, I decided to create my ideal job position, one that doesn’t take place anywhere but everywhere instead. One where I can take the time to get to know my patients and do things my own professional way.

Through this site I’ll be offering you different services, such as online consultation, workshops and meet ups being held in different cities while I move around the world, as well as offline work anywhere in the world.

This Is My Story

I’m 34 years old and I’m from Costa Rica. Born and raised there, I used to daydream and write all day in my journals (still today!), mostly about flying, aircrafts and the world. I remember when Carmen San Diego came out, becoming a happy memory. Life went passing by and I decided to go through medicine school. It took me some tough years until I was proudly done. After a while of working and gaining experience, I decided it was time to pursue those dreams from back then. Because why not? Dreams that would happily become my reality…a writer doctor who travels the world!

Yes, I love what I do. I love being a writer as much as I love my patients and to travel. I love what I give to them and what they give me back on daily basis. We never stop learning from each other. And for this, I feel the richest and most grateful ever.

2014-10-30 15.06.28

Now, let me say a few good things about myself here, just for the sake of your trust on me as a professional, okay?

  • I am a Good Listener.
  • I believe in complete Confidentiality (even within my own family and friends!).
  • I also believe in Wellness and Mindfulness as a lifestyle.
  • I enjoy Teaching and giving the best advice possible, whether it is about medical conditions, emotional issues or simply about life itself.
  • I have a nice Smile on my face! Yes, because the gesture on our face certainly talks about us…and this is the door to any welcoming and respectful relationship.
  • I know my stuff! Meaning I am a Professional. It took hard-working years not just to go through med school, but also through life’s school, and still learning indeed. As young as I can appear, I have certainly focused, during my last 5 years of life, on healing and building a stronger and better me from the inside out, because I believe in this way of life and what it brings to me every day. And this will translate into a better way of treating people, understanding them and trying to be on their shoes.

And to me, this is what medicine & health is all about:


Medicine has taught me about life more than just about the human body. It has taught me how life is all about the people, relationships, society, well-being, a bit of good psychology and also a bit of common sense.

And this is where I want to help you, guide you and advise you so you can become a better version of yourself too.

Health is prevention and it all begins in the mind.

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